33.3 Groundwater access entitlement for allocated extractions

Supporting information

The volume reported (42,718 ML) is that of the groundwater water access entitlements on issue in the Adelaide region during the 2011–12 year.

In the Adelaide region water rights in areas with an operational water allocation plan (WAP) are bundled into a single instrument called a water licence. The bundled water licence means the value of the entitlement is not distinct from the native groundwater allocation, which forms part of the total volume of line item 22.1 Groundwater allocation announcements. This is an ongoing groundwater right and is described as the annual water-taking allocation. By default, recurring annual water-taking allocations are applied on 1 July each year and expire on 30 June each year. Subject to the conditions of a WAP, the volume of unused allocated water may be carried forward to the following year, called a rollover allocation.

In addition to water licences, recharged water credits also represent an entitlement to extract groundwater. Recharged water credits represent a portion of the volume of water discharged in a prior recharge period. WAPs describe the rules regarding the portion of recharged water available as a recharged water credit and the volume of unused recharged water credits that may be carried forward to the following year.

In the Adelaide region the following prescribed areas have functional water licences applicable to groundwater resources:

Although there was no WAP adopted on Dry Creek PWA, water licences were issued there during the 2011–12 year.