9.9 Discharge from urban water system

Supporting information

The volume reported (2,203 ML) represents discharge from several wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) operated by SA Water into rivers in the Adelaide region. The breakdown of WWTP discharge is presented in the following table. Treated wastewater from the Victor Harbor WWTP is temporarily stored in Hindmarsh Reservoir during summer and then released to the Inman River in the winter months.

Wastewater discharge to surface water in the 2011–12 year
Wastewater treatment plant

Surface water discharge point

Discharge volume (ML)

Angaston North Para River


Bird-in-Hand Dawesely Creek—Onkaparinga Catchment


Hahndorf Hahndorf Creek—Onkaparinga Catchment


Heathfield Sturt River


Victor Harbor Hindmarsh Reservoir and Inman River




Quantification approach

Data source

WWTP records.

Provided by

SA Water.


The metered discharge of wastewater to surface water during the 2011–12 year from these WWTPs was supplied from WWTP records held by SA Water. These metered flows were manually read and recorded by plant operators.

Assumptions, limitations, caveats and approximations

  • Treated effluent from the Victor Harbor WWTP was discharged to Hindmarsh Reservoir for summer storage and then released to the Inman River in winter months.

  • The line item does not include any discharge from community waste management systems that were managed by local councils.

Uncertainty information

The uncertainty estimate is not quantified.