32.2 Surface water access entitlement for non–allocated diversions

Supporting information

Surface water access entitlements for non–allocated diversions represents entitlements held in water systems where the flow is not interrupted by dams or weirs, and the volume of water available for diversion is based entirely on rainfall and runoff. Take and use licenses are issued to private diverters to access water directly from rivers.

The following table presents surface water take and use licences issued in the Melbourne region. Most entitlements are held for irrigation in the Bunyip and Yarra catchments.

Take and use licence entitlement volumes in the Melbourne region during the 2011–12 year
Licence Class Catchment All catchments
Yarra Maribyrnong Werribee
Irrigation  17,509  20,868  3,359  2,028  43,764
Stock and domestic  645  727  329  24  1,725
Commercial and Industrial  468  16,209  17  251  16,945
Other  546  6,149  23  –
Total licensed volume (ML)  19,168  43,953  3,728  2,303  69,152

More information on entitlements in unregulated water systems can be found on the Victorian Water Register website.