37.1 Surface water allocation trade within region

Supporting information

The total volume of surface water allocation trade for high reliability and low reliability water shares in regulated water systems was 1,735 ML for the 2011–12 year. Allocation trade increased by more than 200% in the 2011–12 year compared to the previous year where wet conditions and high allocations reduced the demand for allocation trade.

All figures and information were sourced from the Victorian Annual Water Trading Report 2011/12.

The following table summarises the surface water allocation trade in the Melbourne region during the 2011–12 year.

Surface water allocation trade in regulated systems in the Melbourne region during the 2011–12 year
Source/Destination Bacchus Marsh Irrigation District (ML) Upper Werribee River (ML) Werribee Irrigation District (ML) Lower Werribee River (ML) Total (ML)
Bacchus Marsh Irrigation District 65 0 30 52 147
Upper Werribee River 0 0 0 0 0
Werribee Irrigation District 0 0 1,430 36 1,466
Lower Werribee River 0 0 100 22 122
Total 65 0 1,560 110 1,735