3.8 Urban claim on groundwater

Supporting information

This line item corresponds to the urban claim on groundwater remaining for urban water entitlements to groundwater only. Carryover rules for groundwater entitlements throughout the Melbourne region do not allow unused water to be carried over at the end of the year. Therefore any unused water is forfeited and the volume reported at this line item is  zero as shown in the following table.

Urban claim on groundwater remaining
  Account 2012 Volume (ML)
  Opening balance (1 July 2011) 0
add 11.19 Increase of urban claim on groundwater                               412
less 11.13 Entitled extraction of allocated groundwater to urban water system 0
less 19.18 Adjustment and forfeiture of urban claim on groundwater                               412
  Closing balance (30 June 2012) 0

Comparative year

In the 2011 Account, it was not possible to separate urban and non-urban entitlements to groundwater. Therefore, the allocation remaining for all groundwater entitlements was reported at line item 6.1 'Groundwater allocation remaining'.

In the 2012 Account, data provided has enabled urban water entitlements to groundwater to be reported separately in the Melbourne Account. Consequently, the volume has been restated as 0 ML.