9.5 Point return from irrigation scheme

Supporting information

The volume of irrigation water returned to the Ord River is not included as the information was not available at the time this water accounting report was published.

Irrigation drainage is returned to the Ord River at six locations from the Ord River Irrigation Area, and is measured by the Ord Irrigation Cooperative using flow meters. Return flows from the irrigation area to the Ord River during the dry season (April–October) is representative of drainage as a result of irrigation. Flows during the wet season (November–March) are highly variable due to the large volume of rainfall in the region. Demand for water for irrigation is at its lowest during the wet season, and return flows reflect the runoff from the land surface.

Based on recent data, return flows to the Ord River from the Ord River Irrigation Area during the dry season can range between 25,000 ML and 55,000 ML.