18.7 Groundwater extractions – other statutory rights

Supporting information

This line item refers to all groundwater estimated to have been extracted (19,352 ML) in the Sydney region under groundwater basic landholder rights. This includes rights to extract water to meet basic requirements for household purposes (non–commercial uses in and around the house and garden) and for watering of stock. This water cannot be used for irrigating crops or garden produce that will be sold or bartered, for washing down machinery sheds or for intensive livestock operations.

The total extraction volume is assumed to 100% of the right. In times of limited supply, there may be restrictions on taking water for domestic and stock use. 

A breakdown of the groundwater basic landholder rights is provided in the following table.

Basic landholder rights of the Sydney region
Groundwater Source Domestic and Stock (ML/Year) Native Title
Botany Sands 1,849 0
Maroota Tertiary Sands 17 0
Metropolitan Coastal Sands 298 0
Sydney Basin North 722 0
Sydney Basin Richmond 1,623 0
Sydney Basin Central 2,601 0
Sydney Basin Blue Mountain 421 0
Sydney Basin Nepean 5,971 0
Sydney Basin South 2,098 0
Hawkesbury Alluvium 305 0
Sydney Basin Coxs River 454 0
Goulburn Fractured Rock 3,114 0
Coxs River Fractured Rock 179 0
Total 19,652 0

Quantification approach

Data source

Provided by

New South Wales Office of Water.


The annual extraction for domestic and stock rights in the water accounts is assumed to be 100% of the groundwater basic landholder right stated in the Water Sharing Plan for the Greater Metropolitan Region Groundwater Sources.

Assumptions, limitations, caveats and approximations

It is assumed that the total extraction for the region is 100% of the entitlement. Actual extraction of groundwater has not been quantified.

Uncertainty information