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National Water Account 2018

South East Queensland: Statement of Water Assets and Water Liabilities

as at 30 June 2018

  • The volume of water available in the region increased during 2017–18.
  • Water availability is represented by the net water assets, which are the volume of water assets minus water liabilities.

Diagram showing total surface water assets, groundwater assets, water liabilities, and closing net water assets for the South East Queensland region for 2017–18.

The Statement of Water Assets and Water Liabilities is provided in the table below. The statement presents the volume of water assets, and water liabilities at the start and end of the reporting year.



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 2018 ML2017 ML2016 ML2015 ML2014 ML2013 ML
Water assets
Surface water2,128,2252,033,8122,213,3372,564,3452,320,9392,553,648
Lakes and wetlands
Water table aquifer11,11511,11511,11511,1159,3409,340
Underlying aquifers
Urban water system0000**0**0
Claims: surface water*000000
Total water assets2,139,3402,044,9272,224,4522,575,4602,330,2792,567,137
Water liabilities
Surface water liability0000012,153
Allocation remaining: individual users0000012,153
Allocation remaining: urban system*000000
Groundwater liability000000
Allocation remaining: individual users000000
Total water liabilities0000012,153
Net water assets
Net surface water assets2,128,2252,033,8122,213,3372,564,3452,320,9392,541,495
Opening net surface water assets2,033,8122,213,3372,564,3452,320,9392,541,4952,467,518
Change in net surface water assets94,413(179,525)(351,008)243,406(220,556)73,977
Closing net surface water assets2,128,2252,033,8122,213,3372,564,3452,320,9392,541,495
Net groundwater assets11,11511,11511,11511,1159,3409,340
Opening net groundwater assets11,11511,11511,1159,3409,3409,340
Change in net groundwater assets0001,77500
Closing net groundwater assets11,11511,11511,11511,1159,3409,340
Net urban water assets0000**0**0
Opening net urban water assets0000**0**0
Change in net urban water assets0000**0**0
Closing net urban water assets0000**0**0
Total closing net water assets2,139,3402,044,9272,224,4522,575,4602,330,2792,554,984


* between-store flows and claims 

** different to published volume in historical accounts (see Governance section for more information)