Weather Forecasts and Latest Observations

one First, click an area on the map, or select a state or territory from the menu list below it.

two Next click a forecast or weather observation button.


Latest Weather Observations

Australian Capital Cities

Forecast for Sunday

Sydney 19° Sunny.
Melbourne 15° Partly cloudy.
Brisbane 23° Sunny.
Perth 19° Cloudy.
Adelaide 17° Partly cloudy.
Hobart 13° Showers.
Canberra 14° Mostly sunny.
Darwin 33° Partly cloudy.

Latest Weather

°C Rain since 9 am
Sydney 13° 0.0 mm
Melbourne 12° 0.0 mm
Brisbane 18° 0.0 mm
Perth 11° 0.4 mm
Adelaide 14° 0.0 mm
Hobart 11° 0.0 mm
Canberra 0.0 mm
Darwin 28° 0.0 mm
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