Groundwater information

Our suite of nationally consistent data and information products are designed to inform your research and decision-making on groundwater resources.

What's New

The GDE Atlas has been updated with new GDE data for Queensland and New South Wales.

The latest Groundwater Explorer release is here! New features include:

  • Groundwater hydrochemistry data across mainland Australia
  • Updated groundwater level and salinity data.
  • Updated bore and bore logs detail thanks to new NGIS update

Groundwater information products

Australian Groundwater

Interpreted national and regional groundwater information ... Insight

Australian Groundwater

Bore data visualisation, selection and download ... Explorer

Plain text interface

National Groundwater
Information System

Spatial groundwater database for GIS specialists ... Information System

Ask for NGIS data

Groundwater Dependent
Ecosystems Atlas

National inventory of groundwater dependent ecosystems ... GDE Atlas

Plain text interface

More information

Find out more on our Groundwater info sheet or view one of our short videos to the right of the screen, demonstrating how to use our groundwater information products.

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