Groundwater information

Water-filled limestone cave
Rimstone pool, Mole Creek Karst National Park, Tasmania. Picture: Ian Houshold

In many parts of Australia, groundwater resources are being significantly affected by climate variability and human activities including agriculture, mining and commercial developments.

The Bureau provides a suite of freely-available, nationally-consistent groundwater data and information products. These products are used by organisations and governments to inform decision making about how groundwater resources should be managed.


Australian Groundwater Explorer

The Australian Groundwater Explorer provides access to a wide range of groundwater data, including around 800 000 bore locations, bore logs and landscape characteristics. The portal allows you to visualise and analyse groundwater information without specialised software.

National Groundwater Information System

The National Groundwater Information System is a spatial database for GIS specialists that contains bore locations and associated logs, which can be viewed in the Australian Groundwater Explorer. 2D and 3D aquifer geometries are also available for some areas. The National Aquifer Framework provides nationally consistent terminology used in the System.

Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Atlas

The Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems Atlas is the first comprehensive national inventory of the location and characteristics of groundwater dependent ecosystems in Australia. It assists natural resource management in the identification of ecosystems with groundwater requirements.

Groundwater information in other Bureau products


The Australian Hydrological Geospatial Fabric (Geofabric) is a specialised geographic information system which includes an interim national cartographic representation of groundwater hydrology features, such as aquifer boundaries and groundwater salinity.

The Australian Water Resources Assessment reports on the availability, quality and use of the nation's water resources, including trends in groundwater resources.

The Bureau's National Water Account discloses the total water resources for nine nationally significant water use regions for the previous financial year, the rights of access to that water and water use. It also includes information about groundwater inflows and outflows.

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