10.4 Recharge from surface water

Supporting Information

item represents recharge to groundwater from surface water. A volume was not presented as methods for estimating groundwater–surface water interactions were not adequate.

A knowledge gap exists regarding groundwater–surface water interactions in the Melbourne region. Information about groundwater recharge from surface water was not reported in the Port Phillip Catchment Management Authority, groundwater model (Department of Sustainability and Environment 2010a) or in the groundwater resource appraisal for southeast Melbourne (Southern Rural Water Authority 2010).

Recharge to groundwater from surface water occurs when surface water levels are higher than groundwater levels. This is typically more common in flatter parts of the landscape and when pumping occurs close to a river.

Ground–watersurface water interactions were not considered to be important for the regional surface water balance, and their omission does not have a material impact on this report.

Comparative year

This item corresponds to line item 15.2.2 Groundwater recharge from connected surface water reported in the 2010 Account. This line item was also unquantified in the 2010 Account.