18.8 Non-allocated extractions to users

Supporting Information

A volume was not presented in the water accounting statements (–) as methods for estimating the volume of non-allocated extractions within the Melbourne region were not adequate.
Non-allocated extractions to users represent extraction from unincorporated areas outside of groundwater management units. Unincorporated areas have not been evaluated from a groundwater resource perspective and bores in these areas are not metered.
Extraction from unincorporated areas in the southern half of Victoria was estimated to be 10,708 ML during the 2010–11 year. It was not possible to provide the volume for the Melbourne region. The Melbourne region contains only a small number of these bores and extraction is not thought to be significant.

Quantification Approach

Data Source

Southern Rural Water: Irrigation Planning Module Generation 2 database.

Provided by

Southern Rural Water.


All groundwater entitlements of more than 10 ML were metered.

Assumptions, Limitations, Caveats and Approximations

The volume presented in the notes represents all extraction in the southern half of Victoria. It was not possible to report the volume for the Melbourne region.

Uncertainty Information

Derived from metered data. Estimated uncertainty is +/– 5%.

Comparative year

 The comparative year volume is unquantified.