5.4 Inter-region commitment on surface water

Supporting Information

The volume recognised in the water accounting statements represents the allocation remaining for the Bulk Entitlement (Tarago River – Gippsland Water) Conversion Order 2009 held by Gippsland Water.

According to this bulk entitlement, Gippsland Water may take an average of 4,825 ML per year to supply Drouin and Neerim South (Bunyip catchment, within the Melbourne region) and Warragul (Latrobe catchment, adjacent to the Melbourne region).

Although a volumetric limit is specified for this bulk entitlement, formal annual allocations are not made. Carry-over of allocations is also not permitted for this bulk entitlement. Therefore, the volume reported as the opening and closing balance of the allocation remaining was zero.

The opening and closing balance for the Tarago River – Gippsland Water Bulk Entitlement, increases in the allocated volume and decreases due to allocation diversions are provided in the following table.

Calculation of the Tarago River – Gippsland Water Bulk Entitlement during the 2010–11 year

Account Volume (ML)

Opening balance (1 July 2010) 0

21.4 Increase of inter-region commitment on surface water

235 [1]

17.14 Surface water transfer under inter-region commitment

235 [1]

13.4 Adjustment and forfeiture of inter-region commitment on surface water


Closing balance (30 June 2011) 0
[1]As no formal annual allocations are made for the bulk entitlements, the volume allocated in the 2010–11 year was equivalent to the diversion volume.


Comparative year

 The comparative year volume is 0 ML.