3.4 Urban inter-region claim on water

Supporting information

The Adelaide urban water system has an inter-region claim to River Murray water. This claim is facilitated by a Class 6 water access entitlement to shares in the River Murray consumptive pool for South Australia. The entitlement is intended specifically for reticulated public water supply to metropolitan Adelaide. The Mannum–Adelaide, Murray Bridge–Onkaparinga and Swan Reach–Stockwell pipelines are used to transfer River Murray water under the entitlement.

The total value of the entitlement to River Murray Water is 130,000,000 shares. The water allocation rate can exceed one kilolitre per unit share because the entitlement is managed as a rolling total diversion of 650 gigalitres over five years. The Water Audit Monitoring Report – 2010–11 for  the Murray–Darling Basin provides more detail on how this rolling total is managed and diversions under the entitlement for the past five years. The entitlement does not permit carryover of allocation volumes. Therefore, the volume reported was 0 ML for both the opening and closing balance. More details regarding the entitlement can be found in the water allocation plan for the River Murray Prescribed Watercourse.

The opening and closing balance of the inter-region claim, increase of the inter-region claim due to allocation announcements, delivery of water under the inter-region claim and the decrease in the inter-region claim at the end of the 2011–12 year are provided in the following table. Links to these line items are also provided in the following table.


Calculations of the urban inter-region claim in the 2011–12 year
Calculation Line item Volume (ML)
Opening balance 3.4 Urban inter-region claim on water 0

11.15 Increase of inter-region claim on water by urban water system


11.9 Delivery of water from outside region to urban water system


19.14 Decrease of urban inter-region claim on water

Closing balance 3.4 Urban inter-region claim on water 0