33.1 Other statutory groundwater rights

Supporting information

This line item consists of extractions from groundwater bores in the New South Wales (NSW) portion of the Canberra region under stock and domestic basic rights. No information for extractions based on statutory rights was available for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). The volume recorded in the 2012 Account is 435 ML.

Quantification approach

Data source

Navigator water tools.

Provided by

NSW Office of Water.


Navigator water tools was used to locate 870 bores within the region. The usage of each bore was assumed to be 0.5 ML per bore for basic rights.

Assumptions, limitations, caveats and approximations

  • Data to determine basic rights extractions in the reporting area were extremely limited. While an average 0.5 ML per bore is considered a reasonable assumption for the amount of water that could be attributed to this use, the accuracy around this assumption is largely unknown.
  • The lack of data on extractions within the ACT has resulted in an underestimation of this line item. The volume of extractions within the ACT may be larger than in NSW, but the overall volume would be immaterial to the account.

Uncertainty information

Estimated uncertainty is +/– 30% to +/– 50% based on established practice and professional judgement by the NSW Office of Water.