17.11 Entitled diversion of allocated surface water to users

Supporting information

The volume recognised in the water accounting statements (562 ML) represents the total volume of surface water diverted for individual user licence entitlements in the Daly region during the 2011–12 year.

The Department of Land Resource Management administers 23 separate licences in this category held by individual licensees. The water supply licences are divided into licence entitlement purposes. The following table shows the total volume of water diverted for each licence purpose, from each surface water resource, for the 2011–12 year.

Volume of water diverted from each surface water resource within the Daly region for the 2011–12 year


Water diverted (ML)

Surface water resource



Stock and domestic

Katherine River




Daly River




Douglas River




Edith River




Bamboo Creek




Stray Creek




Copperfield Dam






Quantification approach

Data source

Water Resource Licensing database and meter readings from licensees.

Provided by

Department of Land Resource Management.


The volume presented for this line item is a combination of metered data and estimates.

Where metered data are available, the abstraction is calculated as the actual abstraction during the 2011–12 year. Metered data are supplied to the Department of Land Resource Management on a monthly basis.

Where metered data are not available, the volume of abstraction is estimated based on previous year usage and information from property development plans or licences.

Assumptions, limitations, caveats and approximations

There is not sufficient information relating to actual abstraction to provide more accurate estimates of abstraction for all licences. Where estimates of abstraction are based on property development plans, it is assumed that the full annual entitlement is abstracted, and that the rate of abstraction is uniform throughout the year. It is unlikely on both counts that this will be the case for these licences.

Approximately 37% of the total volume diverted to individual users is based on estimated data.

Uncertainty information

Expected error for water meters is +/– 2%.

The Department of Land Resource Management requires that all water meters, when tested under in situ conditions, must be within 2% accuracy across the full flow rate range. See the Department's Water meters fact sheet for more information.

For estimated data the uncertainty is unquantified.