Murray–Darling Basin
9.2 River inflow to region

Supporting information

Because Murray–Darling Basin (MDB) is a separate river basin, there is no river inflow from outside regions; however, there was 4,547,315 ML inflow from the Northern Basin to the Southern Basin within the region during the 2011–12 year. The inflow was from the Barwon–Darling Watercourse sustainable diversion limit (SDL) area into the Lower Darling SDL area at Menindee Lakes.

Quantification approach

Data source

Murray–Darling Basin Authority: water audit monitoring data for New South Wales received on 22 January 2013 and stored in the Murray–Darling Basin Authority HYDRO database.

Provided by

Bureau of Meteorology (the Bureau).


The line item value was based on metered discharge data and subsequent calculations. The upstream end of the Menindee Lake was the boundary for the Northern and Southern basins.

Assumptions, limitations, caveats and approximations


Uncertainty information

Uncertainty estimate is +/– 5%.