14.1 Adjustment and forfeiture of groundwater allocation

Supporting information

The volume presented in the water accounting statements (28,353 ML) represents the volume of groundwater allocation that was forfeited for groundwater entitlements in the Melbourne region during the 2011–12 year. Carryover rules for groundwater entitlements throughout the Melbourne region do not allow unused water to be carried over at the end of the year. Therefore the volume of groundwater forfeited is equal to the volume of unused allocated water.

The volume reported does not include urban adjustment/forfeitures of groundwater allocations for licensed entitlements.

Quantification approach

Data source

Bureau of Meteorology (the Bureau).

Provided by

The Bureau.


The volume of water forfeited at the end of the 2011–12 year was calculated by subtracting the volume of groundwater extracted from the volume of water groundwater available for extraction. This calculation is summarised in the following table. 

Calculation of forfeiture on the groundwater liability in the Melbourne region for the 2011–12 year

Account Volume (ML)

22.1 Groundwater allocation announcements 41,526
18.11 Entitled extraction of allocated groundwater to users 13,173
equals Forfeiture on 30 June 2012

Assumptions, limitations, caveats and approximations


Uncertainty information

The uncertainty estimate was not quantified.

Comparative year

In the 2011 Account, it was not possible to separate urban and non-urban entitlements to groundwater. Therefore, all adjustments/forfeitures to groundwater entitlements were reported at line item 14.1 'Adjustment and forfeiture of groundwater allocation'.

In the 2012 Account, data provided to the Bureau has enabled allocation and extraction volumes for non-urban entitlements to groundwater to be reported separately in the Melbourne Account.

Consequently, the volume has been restated from 30,626 ML (as published in the 2011 Account) to 29,186 ML.