South East Queensland
33.4 Other groundwater rights

Supporting information

Under Chapter 2 (s206) of the Water Act 2000 (Qld) water licence applications can be made by landowners and other specified entities to take or use water ('extract' in 2012 Account terminology) or interfere with flow of water.

Under Chapter 2 (s237) of the Water Act water permits can be applied for to take water for a stated period to undertake a stated activity. No other groundwater rights existed in the Gold Coast, Logan Basin and Moreton water resource plan areas during the 2011–12 year, so the volume reported was 0 ML.

Seasonal water assignments are not a right they are a form of trade and correctly belong at 37.1 Water bore drillers licences only relate to the ability to drill to certain depths and are not a licence to take water.