South East Queensland
3.3 Recycled water system

Supporting information

This water asset exists in the South East Queensland (SEQ) region, but the volume could not be quantified in a way that is complete, neutral and free from material error due to the lack of both data and a suitable quantification approach.

Localised recycled water supply schemes within the SEQ region are managed by Gold Coast City Council, Logan City Council, Redland City Council, Queensland Urban Utilities and Unitywater. Outside of major urban centres small recycled water supply schemes may be managed by local councils. A large recycled water supply scheme called the Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme is managed by Seqwater.

Qldwater were able to provide Statewide Water Information Management (SWIM) system data on the length of recycled water mains and number of recycled water pumping stations managed by Queensland Urban Utilities (47 km and 21 pumping stations) and Unitywater (67 km and 11 pumping stations). These values are for the whole retailer network, and include pipes and pumping stations located outside of the 2012 Account SEQ region.

The Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme consists of a network of more than 200 km of large diameter (1,000–1,500 mm) underground pipelines, storage tanks and advanced water treatment plants. More information on the pipelines can be found at Pipeliner and Trenchless Australasia.

Within the SEQ region, the volume of the recycled water supply system would be much less than either the urban water supply system or wastewater collection system, as the recycled water supply systems cover much smaller areas and are generally localised in nature. The volume of water held within the recycled water supply system was considered to be a minor part of the urban water system storage volume. Therefore, the omission of this information from the water accounting statements does not have a material impact on the volume reported for the urban water system store. Further information may be found in the section of the Urban system note.


Comparative year

This line item corresponds to line item '3.3 Recycled water supply system' reported in the 2011 Account.