South East Queensland
9.10 Direct discharge by user

Supporting information

The volumetric value for the line item at the end of the 2011–12 year was 6,964 ML.

This line item includes industrial and commercial businesses that discharge trade waste directly to surface water, rather than discharging their trade waste to the urban wastewater collection system. These businesses are licensed and reported to the Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and Arts (DSITIA).

Quantification approach

Data source

Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and Arts (DSITIA) provided licensed discharge data from the Point Source Database.

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The Point Source Database contains both wastewater treatment plant discharges, and industrial and commercial discharges. The Point Source Database was queried for commercial and industrial discharge volumes in the 2011–12 year.

Data reported by South East Queensland (SEQ) discharge licence holders is filtered to differentiate between 'reuse' and 'discharge'. Discharges are then filtered to differentiate land, surface water and marine discharge. The discharges to surface water were selected and reported for this line item.


Assumptions, limitations, caveats and approximations

The data in the Point Source Database have been measured and reported by discharge licence holders. DSITIA has accepted these measured discharge values in good faith.

Uncertainty information

Derived from measured data. DSITIA reliability and accuracy Ratingis A2.