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Purpose of Water and the Land

The Bureau's Water and the Land web site aims to provide an integrated suite of information for people involved in primary production, natural resource management, industry, trade and commerce.

The website brings together a range of services from rainfall forecasts for the week ahead to climate change and trend maps in an easily accessible and intuitive way.



The site integrates information from diverse Bureau services and presents links in groups organised by weather elements, including rainfall, cloud, temperature, wind, pressure, El Niño and La Niña, humidity, evaporation and sunshine. Bureau pages that combine information for a range of weather elements are linked from the group called 'Weather & Climate'.

Within each group links are organised chronologically. Depending on the range of products available for the group, long-term outlooks are listed first, followed by shorter-term forecasts, latest weather, recent weather, averages then long-term trends.

All links are displayed within the main area of the first page of the Water and the Land site. The left hand column presents a simplified view of the groups of links. Clicking on any of the links in the left hand column will present the full list of links for that weather element, as well as linking to the feature product for that element.


Feature Services and Information

The first page of each weather group features a new service or one of the most popular services accessed. For example the Rainfall group features the rainfall forecast service that is based on statistical analysis of a number of locally produced and international computer models.
Further service information is available within the Water and the Land site.

Group Feature
Rainfall Rainfall forecasts, chance of exceeding 1,5,10,15, 25 & 50mm in one day, 4 Day forecast totals out to 8 days
Cloud Latest satellite images
Temperature Frost potential forecast map
Wind Wind forecasts out to 7 days
Pressure Latest 4 day forecast chart
El Niño & La Niña Southern Oscillation Index (SOI)
Humidity Average relative humidity maps
Evaporation Average Monthly & Annual Evaporation maps
Sunshine Average daily sunshine hours maps
Weather & Climate Daily Weather Observations in Recent Months
Australian Climate Influences A range of climate information pages explaining many of the key influences on our weather.


Diagram of Water and the Land first page layout
Annotated image of the Water and the Land information sections


Future development

Plans for the Water and the Land site include a focus on better seasonal forecast information on the Internet through a project funded by the Land and Water Australia's Managing Climate Variability program. The Water and the Land website was chosen by the project sponsors as the vehicle to deliver a range of seasonally related information products in a clearer more easily understandable way. In addition, the development of maps showing areas of meteorologically induced hazards, for example, sheep hypothermia, and downy mildew will be developed in consultation with the agricultural sector. Meteograms (graphs of weather conditions for the week ahead for specific locations) are in the planning stage and will be released in future upgrades to the Water and the Land site.


Support information

Near the top of Water and the Land product pages there are links to supporting information. This information explains aspects of the product and how it is produced and includes links to related products, references and guides.
Example: Example of support link appearance


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Water and the Land feedback

We invite your feedback about the Water and the Land site.
We use information we receive to help guide revision and development of the site.
If you have an issue that requires a response, please use the Bureau feedback form.

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