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Director's message


In accordance with Section 122(1) of the Commonwealth Water Act 2007, I present the National Water Account 2010. This is the first in an annual series of National Water Accounts produced by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.


Water accounting is a key element of national water reform under the National Water Initiative and a new approach to water resources reporting. The publication of the 2010 Account is a milestone contribution to that reform.

Considerable foundation work has been done over the past four years to enable us to produce this National Water Account, including the development of the first Australian Water Accounting Standard and the pilot testing of methods and tools to populate the National Water Account.

I expect it will take some years for the National Water Account to reach its full potential. Your considered feedback on the 2010 Account will be a vital contribution to ensuring we develop a product that is useful, relevant and trusted by the Australian public.

From the wealth of material delivered through this innovative online product, it is evident that the preparation of the National Water Account 2010 has required significant effort from a large number of people. I am pleased to note the high degree of consultation and collaboration that has occurred between the Bureau of Meteorology and the many water agencies across Australia who have assisted us in this task. I thank all the officers involved for their hard work, professionalism and cooperative spirit and their commitment to providing high quality water information for the benefit of the nation.


Dr Greg Ayres
Director of Meteorology

23 June 2011