Work in progress 2017

During 2017 we are working to enhance or extend existing products and services, including:

  • Climate Resilient Water Sources: Data and interface updates providing the latest available information on these highly valuable additional sources of water supply.
  • Atlas of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GDE Atlas): New datasets are being added to the GDE Atlas. The web mapping application is also being upgraded with a fresh new look and improved functionality.
  • Australian Groundwater Explorer: Groundwater datasets will be updated including bore and bore log information, water levels and salinity. Hydrochemistry information will also be added for 500 bores, in partnership with Geoscience Australia. The update will add data quality codes to water level measurements.
  • Monthly Water Update: This monthly update will include information about storage volumes and streamflow salinity, in addition to rainfall and streamflow. This includes a redesign of the web page, allowing for a general comparison of all variables in one view, and an option to look into the individual variables in more detail.
  • Design Rainfalls: Inclusion of sub-daily design rainfalls, addition of information on including seasonality in the design rainfalls, provision of gridded advice on the uncertainty of the design rainfalls and incorporation of functionality to enable users to down load the IFD grids for a user specified catchment.
  • Seasonal streamflow forecasting: Forecasts for new stream locations and water storages are planned, and new forecast products to better communicate forecasts and their performance will be released in the coming months.
  • Hydrologic Reference Stations: The data set and the website are going to be updated with the latest time-series information.

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