The Bureau consults a wide group of stakeholders to ensure the Improving Water Information Programme provides relevant and timely information to the people who need it.

As well as the forums listed here, the Bureau gathers information about stakeholder needs with surveys and by giving users the opportunity to provide feedback by email. Communications, such as our newsletter, EnGauge, case studies, briefings, seminars, trade stands and conference presentations to various industry audiences, ensure that this user group continues to grow, increasing the value of that feedback.

Jurisdictional Reference Group on Water Information

The Jurisdictional Reference Group on Water Information is the primary vehicle for coordinating the Bureau's water information activities with those of the States and Territories. It comprises representatives of the lead water agencies in each jurisdiction and delegates from the Murray–Darling Basin Authority and some major water and energy utilities. It provides a forum for members to articulate water information priorities in their jurisdictions and give feedback to the Bureau on its various water information products and services.

Flood Warning Consultative Committees

In each State, flood warning consultative committees meet regularly on a three- to six-month time frame to discuss network issues and service needs. These committees comprise representatives such as emergency managers, water authorities, local government and catchment management authorities. In the Northern Territory, a similar group is called the Flood Warning Working Group.

National Flood Risk Advisory Group

The National Flood Risk Advisory Group works to strengthen the community's resilience to floods by providing leadership and advice on best practice for flood risk management. It brings together representatives from each jurisdiction actively involved in flood risk management with other key stakeholders.

National Water Account Committee

The National Water Account Committee provides strategic advice on all aspects of the National Water Account, guides the collaborative development of the account, and provides advice on alignment to user needs.

Geofabric Steering Committee

The Geofabric Steering Committee provides strategic guidance on technical direction, adoption and government policy—with the aim of making the Geofabric the authoritative source of information about Australia's surface and sub-surface water features.


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