Data delivery

What water information must my organisation give?

Named persons or organisations listed in the Water Regulations 2008, need to give specified water information that is in an electronic format and in their possession, custody or control.

In most cases this refers to historical and new or ongoing information of the specified kinds that is in their electronic data management systems.

The types of water information to be given to the Bureau under the Regulations have been classified into ten categories; each category is further defined by subcategories of water information.

Go to Water Regulations online to find out which categories of water information your organisation is required to provide under the Water Regulations 2008, including when you first need to provide water information to the Bureau.

Other things to know

Organisations are not required to begin collecting new water information or to reformat their existing paper based information into an electronic format.

Organisations are not required to give specified water information if they reasonably believe that it is already in the Bureau's possession and they have informed the Bureau in writing of their belief.

Special conditions relate to water information collected in projects running less than four years in duration and water information from short-term projects.

Any water information that is updated or changed will need to be given again.

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