18.7 Groundwater extractions – other statutory rights

Supporting information

The line item represents non-licensed groundwater extractions from across the Adelaide region allowed under a notice of prohibition in South Australia's Natural Resources Management Act 2004, (the Act).

This type of groundwater extractions included:

  • groundwater extractions for stock and domestic purposes – described in sections 124(4) and 124(6) of the Act (except for the Northern Adelaide Plains Prescribed Wells Area (PWA) where stock and domestic groundwater extractions are licensed); and
  • groundwater extractions for prescribed areas that are not currently managed under a water allocation plan – described in sections 128, 132 and 164N of the Act.

The following prescribed areas are not currently managed under a water allocation plan:

  • Western Mount Lofty Ranges Prescribed Water Resources Area (PWRA)
  • Central Adelaide Prescribed Wells Area (PWA) 
  • Kangaroo Flat portion of the Northern Adelaide Plains PWA. 

For further information on these water rights, see the Water rights section in the 'Contextual information' and line item 33.1 Other statutory groundwater rights.

The value of this line item for the 2011–12 year could not be quantified in a way that is complete, neutral and free from material error. Provision of a value for this line item for the 2009–10 year and 2010–11 year required significant transformation of data that had been collected for a different purpose. That data was out of date and not representative for the 2011–12 year.

The impact of this gap is material in regard to the water balance of the groundwater store and the total groundwater extractions. As a comparison, the 2010–11 year values reported in the 2011 Account were: