South East Queensland
17.5 Overbank flood spilling

Supporting information

a. Overall

This process occurs in the South East Queensland (SEQ) region, but the volume could not be quantified in a way that is complete, neutral and free from material error due to the lack of both data and a suitable quantification approach.

b. Flood summary

Persistent heavy rain at the end of January 2012 across southeast Queensland triggered extensive flooding which continued in early February and extreme rainfall began at the end of February 2012, continuing for eight consecutive days over the greater Brisbane area and the Gold Coast, and for 16 days on the Sunshine Coast.  The daily maximum rainfall was as high as 250 mm in Redland and 175 mm at Brisbane Airport in January 2012. A developing low over the Sunshine Coast brought heavy rain and flash flooding across the southeast corner of Queensland (Queensland in 2012).