21.1 Surface water allocation announcements

Supporting information

The volume reported (3,417 ML) represents the volume of surface water (watercourse) allocated under water licences in the Barossa Prescribed Water Resources Area (PWRA) and Little Para River Prescribed Watercourse (PWC) during the 2012–13 year. The volume of surface water allocated, itemised by management area and purpose, is shown in the following table.

Surface water allocations in the Adelaide region during the 2012–13 year
Management area Allocation purpose Allocation quantity (ML)
Barossa PWRA irrigation 2,505
environmental garden 40
industrial 233
stock and domestic 1
Subtotal 2,779
Little Para PWC irrigation 635
recreational 1
stock and domestic 2
Subtotal 638
Total 3,417

Quantification approach

Data source

Water Information and Licence Management Administration (WILMA) database.

Provided by

South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.


Surface water allocations for the 2012–13 year were extracted from the WILMA database.

Assumptions, limitations, caveats and approximations

The licence purpose information reflects the purpose of the licence when issued or possibly when adjusted.

Uncertainty information

The uncertainty estimate was not quantified.