33.1 Other statutory groundwater rights

Supporting information

This line item describes water rights where a water licence is not required to extract and use groundwater. 

Rights to extract and use groundwater where a water licence is not required are described in sections 124(4), 124(6), 128, 132 and 164N of the South Australian Natural Resource Management Act 2004 (the Act). Rights described in section 124 of the Act apply to the entire Adelaide region, whereas rights described in sections 128, 132 and 164N only apply to only apply to prescribed groundwater resources. For further information on these water rights, refer to the Water entitlements and other statutory water rights section of the 'Contextual information'.

These water rights do not represent an entitlement and do not receive a formal allocation. Therefore the value of the right cannot be quantified, although the volume of groundwater extracted under these rights has been estimated. The volume of groundwater extracted under other statutory rights during the 2012–13 year was 26,647 ML. For more information on this volume refer to line item 18.7 Extraction - other statutory rights.