17.14 Surface water transfer under inter-region commitment

Supporting information

The volume presented in the water accounting statements (3,231 ML) represents the volume of water diverted under the Tarago River–Gippsland Water bulk entitlement, as shown in the following table.

Volume of surface water diverted under the Tarago River – Gippsland Water Bulk Entitlement in the 2012–13 year
Source Volume (ML)
Labertouche Creek  at Labertouche Weir 0
Pederson Weir / Westernport pipeline 3,008
Tarago Reservoir (Neerim South) 223
Total 3,231

The volume of surface water diverted under the bulk entitlement is reported in the Gippsland Water Annual Report 2012–13. A portion of the volume diverted by Gippsland Water under this bulk entitlement is supplied by Melbourne Water which manages the Tarago Reservoir. This volume is published in the Melbourne Water Annual Report 2012–13.