Statement of Water Assets and Water Liabilities


Line items in the statements are hyperlinked to the associated section of the Supporting information notes. Methods used to derive line item volumes are provided in the Quantification approaches notes.


as at 30 June 2014

 2014 ML2013 ML
Water assets
Surface water2,390,4372,840,751
Unregulated river1,90325,162
Regulated river--
Lakes and wetlands--
Inter-region claim on water2,3672,367
Total surface water2,390,4372,840,751
Water table aquifer--
Underlying aquifers--
Total groundwater--
Urban water system356356
Urban water supply system--
Wastewater system--
Recycled water system--
Urban inter-region claim on water 356356
Total urban water system 356356
Total water assets 2,390,7932,841,107
Water liabilities
Surface water liability00
Surface water allocation remaining00
Other surface water liability00
Total surface water liability00
Total water liabilities00
Opening net water assets2,841,1072,783,245
Change in net water assets(450,314)57,862
Closing net water assets2,390,7932,841,107