Tropical Low 08U

18 - 23 January 2021
Best Track of Tropical Low 08U


A tropical low formed just north of the Top End of the Northern Territory on January 18. It was initially steered in a westerly and then south westerly direction and did not develop due to unfavourable winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere. From 21 January the low moved south and then turned to the southeast on 21 January and crossed the Pilbara coast near Wallal Downs at around 3pm WST on January 22. Gales never extended beyond the southern side of the low, and it did not attain tropical cyclone strength. The remnants of the low tracked in a southeasterly direction after crossing the coast, before dissipating over the Great Sandy Desert on January 23.

The low produced heavy rainfall across parts of the Northern Territory, Kimberley and Pilbara. Heavy rainfall totals of 100-150 mm associated with the low were recorded over the north of the Top End on January 18-19, along the far north Kimberley coast on January 19-20, and over the eastern Pilbara and far western Pilbara on January 21-22. The highest 24-hour rainfall total recorded was 162mm at Pardoo in the 24 hours to 9am on January 22.

**All information relating to intensity and track is preliminary information based on operational estimates and subject to change following post analysis.**

Extreme values during event (estimated)

Note that these values may be changed on the receipt of later information

Maximum Category: Tropical Low
Maximum sustained wind speed: 65 km/h
Maximum wind gust: 95 km/h
Lowest central pressure: 992 hPa