Tropical Low 09U

9 – 13 March 2020


Best Track of Tropical Low 09U
All times shows are in Australian Western Standard Time (AWST), that is UTC + 8 hours.

A low formed well to the north of the Pilbara coast during 9 March and slowly tracked southeast. The low developed initially but as it moved further south the environment became unfavourable and development ceased. From 11 March the low moved south southwest towards the Pilbara coast.

Tropical Low 09U crossed the west Pilbara coast between Exmouth and Onslow and weakened inland over the Gascoyne. The low had gales in the southeast quadrant initially, extending to the southwest quadrant prior to crossing the coast. As the low approached the coast a period of gale force winds were experienced at offshore sites, the only mainland site to record gales was Onslow at midnight on 13 March. The maximum gust recorded during the event was 102 kilometres per hour at Thevenard Island at 9.51 pm AWST 12 March. Thevenard Island also recorded 65.4 mm of rain in the 24 hours until 9 am AWST Friday 13 March. Heavy rainfall was recorded on 14 March in the Gascoyne as the low weakened inland but no flooding effects were experienced.

The passage of the low caused a storm surge of about 0.3-0.4 metres recorded at Onslow and Exmouth during 13 March.

Rainfall ending 14 March 2020

**All information relating to intensity and track is preliminary information based on operational estimates and subject to change following post analysis.**

Extreme values during event (estimated)

Note that these values may be changed on the receipt of later information

Maximum Category: Tropical low
Maximum sustained wind speed: 75 km/h
Maximum wind gust: 100 km/h
Lowest central pressure: 997 hPa