Tropical Cyclone Ann

9 - 18 May 2019


Tropical Cyclone Ann was a small, late season cyclone event in the Coral Sea that weakened before crossing the far north Queensland coast.

A tropical low formed in the eastern Coral Sea assisted by strong south-easterly winds to the south. It reached cyclone intensity late on 11 May and peaked at category 2 intensity on 13 May. Although tropical cyclone advices were issued for the far north Queensland coast to the north of Cairns, Ann weakened below cyclone intensity on 14 May before crossing the coast on 15 May. The low continued on an unusual northwest track passing to the north of the Top End, eventually dissipating over islands of Indonesia's eastern district northeast of Timor Leste.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Ann brought a period of heavy rain to Cape York Peninsula but there were no known impacts.

For more information see the TC Ann Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity

Operational track for tropical cyclone Ann 2019