Severe Tropical Cyclone Herman

28 March - 4 April 2023


Severe Tropical Cyclone Herman was a small intense system that both rapidly intensified and rapidly weakened well off the northwest Australian coast.

A weak tropical low developed to the north of Cocos Islands on 28 March and tracked to the southeast over open waters. The low rapidly developed and was named Tropical Cyclone Herman on 29 March. The small circulation continued to develop and rapidly intensified from a category 2 system on the morning of 30 March to a category 5 system just 24 hours later on 31 March.

After peaking on 31 March, Herman then encountered less favourable conditions on 1 April as dry air was ingested into the circulation. Weakening was almost as dramatic as the development, taking just 36 hours to go from a category 5 system to below tropical cyclone intensity on 2 April. By this stage the system had turned to the west eventually dissipating over open waters of the Indian Ocean.

There were no recorded impacts from this cyclone.

For more information see the TC Herman Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity

Operational analysis track for TC Herman