Tropical Cyclone Jasmine

Queensland Regional Office

Track of Tropical Cyclone Jasmine

The monsoon trough extended across north Queensland and the northern Coral Sea. A tropical low was identified over the southeast Gulf of Carpentaria on Wednesday, 1st February. The low began to move eastwards on Thursday and tracked across the Cape York Peninsula to be located off the north Queensland coast on Friday, 3rd February. During this time, a strong northwest monsoon flow with gales developed to the north of the low. These area of gales extended across the northwest Coral Sea. The low maintained an easterly track and gradually intensified to a tropical cyclone status on Saturday. The low was named Tropical Cyclone Jasmine at 10pm on Saturday, 4th February.

Jasmine continued in an easterly direction and intensified to a Category 2 system on Sunday, 5th February. While still intensifying, Jasmine remained a Category 2 system as it moved out of the Brisbane's area of responsibility at 10pm on Monday, 6th February. Further warnings were issued by Nadi Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre as Jasmine moved closer to the west of Vanuatu.

Jasmine was the second tropical cyclone in the Queensland area of responsibility during the 2011/12 season.

***All information relating to intensity and track is preliminary information based on operational estimates and subject to change following post analysis***

Extreme values during cyclone event (estimated)
Note that these values may be changed on the receipt of later information
Maximum Category: 2
Maximum sustained wind speed: 100 km/h
Maximum wind gust: 150 km/h
Lowest central pressure: 979 hPa