Unnamed Tropical Cyclone 09U

1 - 14 February 2014


A tropical low formed north of the Kimberley and reached tropical cyclone intensity near the coast ahead of making landfall on the morning of 3 February near the mouth of the Victoria River in the Northern Territory. The system peaked in intensity at 55 kn (100 km/h; category 2) near landfall. Strong winds brought some trees and power lines down at Wadeye community on the edge of the gale extent to the north.

Severe weather warnings were issued for communities in the path of 09U from 2 February on the expectation that the system would not reach tropical cyclone intensity. It was not named in real time on the basis of anticipated imminent weakening as it moved overland. However, the system remained over water for longer than expected and upon reanalysis after the event it was determined that it first attained tropical cyclone intensity from the evening of 2 February through until the afternoon of 3 February.

The system remained well structured as it moved over land for many days thereafter and threatened to move over water and re-intensify near the west Kimberley coast on 9-10 February. However, it remained over land and eventually weakened as it near the Western Australian South Australian border on 14 February.

The system caused heavy rainfall and flooding over a wide area from western and central parts of the Northern Territory, then across the Kimberley, eastern Pilbara and central Desert areas of Western Australia. Flooding caused damage to 20 homes in Kununurra (northeast Kimberley) and made many roads impassable for a period.

For more information see the Tropical Cyclone 09U Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity

Best Track of  Tropical Cyclone 09U