Tropical Cyclone Abele

1 - 4 December 2010


A tropical low pressure system formed in the central Indian Ocean on 29 November and drifted slowly south before intensifying into a tropical cyclone on 1 December. The tropical low was named Abele by the La Reunion Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre (TCWC). Abele intensified into a Category 3 cyclone on 2 December, before increasing wind shear and cooler sea surface temperatures caused the cyclone to weaken on 3 December, as it was entering the Perth Area of Responsibility (AOR). By 4 December, Abele had weakened below cyclone intensity, although gales continued on the southern side of the low due to a strong pressure gradient between the remnants of Abele and a high pressure system to the south.

Abele remained over open waters throughout its lifetime, and had no direct impact on Australian territories.

For more information see the TC Abele Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Abele