Tropical Cyclone Agnes

17 - 22 April 1995


Tropical cyclone Agnes was the last cyclone to form in the South Pacific region in the 1994-95 season. It was a small and intense system that moved erratically for several days around the northern Coral Sea just south of the Gulf of Papua. No reports of damage or injury have been received.

Agnes was named at 0600 UTC 17 April near 12.1°E 147.6°E and initially drifted slowly southeastwards. The cyclone continued to intensify as it turned south and then westwards, reaching its peak intensity with estimated mean winds of 47 m/s (90 knots) at 1200 UTC 18 April. This intensity was maintained for 12 hours as Agnes became almost stationary near 13.1°S 147.6°E. Agnes then weakened and began to move slowly northeastwards, then northwards finally dissipating in the Gulf of Papua near 10°S 147°E on 22 April.

No reports of damage or injury have been received.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Agnes