Severe Tropical Cyclone Alby

27 March - 4 April 1978


Alby was the fifth and most significant tropical cyclone of the season to operate in the Western Australian Region. Alby reached maturity on 2 April 1978 with an estimated central pressure of 930 hPa and, to that time, was one of the more severe storms to be analysed off the coast of Western Australia.

During Tuesday 4 April, Alby accelerated towards the lower west coast as it slowly degenerated into an extra-tropical depression. As it passed to the southwest of the continent it caused strong to storm force winds over a large area of the southwest of Western Australia. A wind gust observed at the Perth Regional Office was the highest on record for the month of April. The highest wind gust recorded throughout the lifetime of Alby was 150 km/h at Albany.

Five people died as a result of the destructive effects of Alby . Widespread damage caused by wind, dust, fire and the sea was estimated to cost the community about $50,000,000. In terms of damage it is estimated that Alby was the most devastating storm on record to affect the southwestern areas of Western Australia.

For more details see the TC Alby Report (pdf).

Track and intensity

Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Alby