Severe Tropical Cyclone Alex

15 - 26 March 1990


Alex began as a tropical low near 12.3°S, 114.1°E at 0000 UTC 15 March. The low developed and moved westward. Tropical cyclone intensity was reached at 0300 UTC 16 March near 12.3°S, 112.0°E. Intensification continued and the eye became evident at 0000 UTC 18 March. The maximum intensity was estimated to be 927 hPa with mean winds of 190 km/h at 1200 UTC 19 March.

Over the next 60 hours the track became more southwesterly and Alex weakened steadily. By 22 March it was near 22.1°S, 92.2°E and the central pressure had increased to 976 hPa.

Further weakening and shearing of the cyclone structure occurred as it moved south and then southeast ahead of an approaching frontal system. Alex had weakened to below cyclone intensity by 1200 UTC 23 March. Interaction with the frontal system caused the decaying depression to loop before dissipating.

An Indonesian trawler sank near 12.8°S, 110.0°E with the loss of all crew. The number is not known but would probably be about ten.

For more details see the TC Alex Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Alex