Tropical Cyclone Alice

3 - 13 March 1976


Alice was the seventh tropical cyclone to affect the Northwest Australian Region in this season, and the fourth to develop over the Indian Ocean, move westward and dissipate without significantly affecting any land areas.

No ship reports were received which were close (within 100 km) to the cyclone centre. Some ships within 500 km reported moderate to heavy showers or rain periods at various times.Due to the distances from reporting points, little wind information was received. The maximum reported wind speed was 56 km/h on 1000 UTC 6 March from a ship located approximately 250 km southsouthwest of the centre.Very few reports of upper winds were received. The only information of direct relevance came from several aircraft. They were within 600 km of the centre, on 7, 8 and 9 March and reported wind speeds of 20 m/sec at 250 hPa, suggesting a moderately developed outflow at that level.

For more details see the TC Alice Report (pdf).

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Alice