Tropical Cyclone Anggrek

30 October - 5 November 2010


A tropical low pressure system (01U) formed to the south of Sumatra on 28 October and moved initially west. By 30 October a low pressure system had formed which began to move south. The low was named TC Anggrek by the Jakarta Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre (TCWC) and warnings were continued by the Perth TCWC once the system had moved into the Perth Area of Responsibility (AOR). The cyclone moved to the east of the Cocos Islands before turning west and dissipating over the Indian Ocean.

Post analysis of tropical low 01U (Anggrek) downgraded the system to below cyclone strength as it is likely that gales only occurred in one quadrant throughout its lifecycle.

Tropical low (01U) passed to the east and then to the south of the Cocos Islands with the closest approach being about 130 kilometres (km) to the east-southeast of the islands late 2 November. Moderate rainfall occurred over the Cocos Islands during the passage of 01U with the maximum 24 hour rainfall being 56 mm on 1 November. No damage was reported.

For more information see the TC Anggrek Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Anggrek