Tropical Cyclone Annie

21 November - 8 December 1973


Annie was the second cyclone of the season to operate in the Northwestern Australian Region. This system spent its entire life over the tropical waters of the central Indian Ocean although it passed within 30 km of Cocos Island on 25 November. Ines had dissipated over the Kimberley before Annie attained tropical cyclone characteristics. Tropical cyclone Beryl developed and moved inland over the Pilbara and Gascoyne while Annie was operating farther west.

Cyclone Annie was an identifiable circulation for 17 days and for 10 of these, 25 November to 5 December, it possessed tropical cyclone characteristics. At no time however was the cyclone of more than moderate intensity.

The maximum 10 minute mean wind reported was 89 km/h with gusts to 145 km/h at Cocos Island at 0140 UTC 25 November.

For more details see the TC Annie Report (pdf).

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Annie