Tropical Cyclone Beryl

26 November - 4 December 1973


Shortly after cyclone Annie developed in the vicinity of Cocos Island, another system became active farther east. This was tropical cyclone Beryl , the third cyclone of the season to affect the Northwestern Australian Region and the second to cross the Western Australian coast. Damage resulting from the cyclone's crossing the coast was slight as the storm was then weakening and the area affected, from Northwest Cape 120 km southwards, had a relatively sparse population.

A fishing boat was wrecked at Learmonth. For a period the ocean-going oil rig Big John near 11.8°8 123.3°E was evacuated; however, no damage was sustained on the rig as Beryl veered away.

For more details see the TC Beryl Report (pdf).

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Beryl