Tropical Cyclone Beverley

22 February - 3 March 1975


Beverley was the ninth cyclone of the season and the third to make landfall in Western Australia, the others being Wilma and Trixie . At maturity Beverley was some 500 km from the Australian coast. After recurvature Beverley crossed the coast near Learmonth as a degenerating system. It maintained its identity while travelling southsoutheastward bringing substantial rains to the Gascoyne's and Southwest division. Eventually the low pressure system which had been tropical cyclone Beverley crossed into the Southern Ocean and amalgamated with a southern cold front.

Damage caused by cyclone Beverley probably exceeded $1 million with the most extensive damage being in the Learmonth and Carnarvon areas.

For more details see the TC Beverley Report (pdf).

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Beverley