Tropical Cyclone Charlotte

11-12 January 2009


The monsoon trough was active through the Gulf of Carpentaria during early January. A number of low pressure centres formed along it during the period January 9th-10th, with the centre that eventually became Tropical Cyclone Charlotte forming in the central Gulf late on the 10th. The system was named during the late morning on Sunday 11 January.

TC Charlotte continued to track slowly to the east-southeast and crossed the coast near the Gilbert River Mouth during the early morning on Monday January 12th. TC Charlotte then quickly decayed into a rain depression as it moved inland.

Heavy rainfall associated with the rain depression and monsoon trough subsequently occurred over the catchments of the already flooded Gulf rivers.

Coastal Crossing Details

Crossing time:
4am EST Monday 12 January 2009
Crossing location:
25km north of Gilbert River Mouth
Category when crossing the coast:

Extreme Values During Cyclone Event:

Maximum Category:
Maximum sustained wind speed:
85 km/h
Maximum wind gust:
120 km/h
Lowest central pressure:
986 hPa

Track and intensity

Track of Tropical Cyclone Charlotte