Severe Tropical Cyclone Chris

2 - 7 February 2002


A tropical low developed into Tropical Cyclone Chris at about 0600 WST on Sunday 3 February 2002 when it was located about 340 km northwest of Broome. The cyclone rapidly intensified as it tracked on a generally southerly course towards the coast. Chris reached Category 3 intensity at 2100 WST 3 March and then to category 5 at noon WST 5 March. Chris was close to maximum intensity as it crossed the coast at 0400 WST 6 March about 160 km east northeast of Port Hedland between Pardoo and Wallal stations.

Chris continued its south to southwest movement but rapidly weakened overland. It passed just to the west of Marble Bar at about 1500 WST 6 March and was subsequently downgraded below tropical cyclone intensity in the early hours of 7 March.

Pardoo roadhouse suffered significant damage although residents were unharmed. There were significant cattle losses in the region and extensive windmill and fencing damage. Fortunately the significant storm surge occurred at unpopulated areas along Eighty Mile Beach.

For more details see the TC Chris Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Chris