Tropical Cyclone Claudia

15 - 16 May 1982


Claudia was the first May cyclone to develop in the Queensland Region for 10 years. It was short-lived and barely attained cyclonic intensity. It developed from a tropical low which on the morning of 15 May was situated 600 km southwest of Guadalcanal. The low moved on a general easterly track until 2100 UTC on 15 May when it reached cyclonic intensity with a central pressure of 992 hPa. It then commenced to move on an east northeasterly track and degenerated into a tropical low on the evening of the 16th. The low dissipated the following day approximately 350 km southeast of Guadalcanal.

The strongest wind reported was 65 km/h from a ship located, at 0000 UTC on the 16th, approximately 600 km to the southwest of the centre. Claudia 's development strengthened pressure gradients in a ridge over southern Queensland and caused strong winds over much of the east Queensland coast on 15 to 16 May.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Claudia